Since joining the Bordenstein lab, Brittany has been involved in the Wolbachia Project, an innovative hands-on lab series for high school students to experience techniques in micro and molecular biology. The Wolbachia Project (https://my.vanderbilt.edu/discover/) is implemented in classrooms throughout numerous countries and gives students the opportunity to contribute meaningful data to the scientific community while cultivating interest and curiosity in science.

Brittany has participated in a number of outreach activities across a wide spectrum. She is a pioneering member of the SailFuture team, a non-profit mentorship program that uses sailing and marine science education as a tool to empower at-risk youth to make positive changes to their lives. After running a number of successful programs in Sarasota, FL, the team plans to expand in an attempt to reach a broader range of teens. Through these programs, we engage at-risk youth in a college setting and offer academic support and life skills workshops to help further build their character and self-confidence. Current SailFuture goals and activities can be more thoroughly discovered here.

The Oceanography Camp for Girls is also another outreach activity that Brittany has participated in extensively. The University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science has an established relationship with local middle schools to recruit girls finishing the 8th grade and exposing them to marine science research and technology. This intensive and hands-on three-week program puts young girls in contact with graduate students that often serve as mentors long after the camp ends. To get more information about the Oceanography camp, see here.